→ Developing maritime transport and intermodality by improving the accessibility and competitiveness of ports which are essential links of the Channel area transport network.

Analysis of the transport network and port facilities in the Channel area

Two studies have been carried out to assess the capacity of the transport network serving the major ports in the Channel area:

  • An initial study was conducted in September 2010 and brought together data on maritime services, port capacity, road, rail and air transport networks;

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  • A second study was conducted in March 2011 and focused specifically on assessing the current and future capacity of port infrastructure. The study included several recommendations for the development of ports for 2020-2030.

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Both studies highlighted the importance of local and ‘niche’ ports in the Channel area and the need for increased cooperation between French and British ports in order to optimise cross-Channel operations.

The concept of "Port Centricity"

This concept highlights that ports can gain a competitive edge by diversifying their activities and strengthening their relations with other local port "stakeholders" (e.g. local authorities and businesses operating around ports).

Research work carried out within the scope of the CAMIS project has revealed that the spread of these "port-centric clusters" in the Channel area would promote economic growth and the development of a more efficient and sustainable transport network in the Channel area.

On the basis of several case studies, a guide identifying seven types of "port clusters" has been developed to facilitate their development in the Channel area. The guide describes for each cluster, their key characteristics, benefits and conditions of implementation.

Downloadable documents :

  • Port Centricity: Growth and Diversity for Local Ports (June 2013):

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A Guide for the Channel/Arc Manche Region - Download

French case studies - Download