CAMIS - channel arc manche integrated strategy

The CAMIS (Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy) project took place between 2009 and 2013. Gathering partners from France and the UK, it published, among other results, an Integrated Maritime Strategy for the Channel Region. This strategy aims to develop a joint approach to the management and development of the maritime area, taking into account its various sectors, and the need to protect its environment and resources.

The CAMIS website is no longer updated. As a result some links may no longer work. However it still contains useful resources for the stakeholders of the Channel maritime region, hence there has been the willingness and enthusiasm to keep it online.

The CAMIS project is based on the acknowledgement that it is of mutual interest to manage and consider the future of this common area in a concerted and holistic way. This need is relevant to both the geography and the issues at stake.