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With a budget of 173.5 million Euros , the INTERREG IVA France (Channel) – England programme is a European programme which aims to "favour the emergence between the French and English parties of a common citizenship area, of a feeling of belonging to a cross-border area, of a specific identity, by supporting concrete and sustainable co-operation that are set in a triple focus involving innovation and competitiveness, social cohesion,   and sustainable development” .

In order to fulfil this objective, 4 priorities have been defined:

1.   Reinforce the sense of belonging to a common space and the awareness of shared interests

e.g.   projects promoting mutual learning of language and culture

2.   Build partnerships between players involved in cross-border economic development, and between centres of excellence

e.g.   projects supporting the launching of new enterprises

3.   Build an attractive common space to live in and visit

e.g.   projects sharing in cultural activities

4.   Ensure sustainable environmental development of the common space

e.g.   projects promoting renewable energies

Projects applying for a grant must meet the criteria of one of these priorities. For instance, the CAMIS project meets the criteria of the Priority 1.

Besides, projects must involve a t least one partner from each side of the Channel , in the area mentioned below. The project must demonstrate a high level of cooperation between partners: joint development, joint implementation, joint staff, joint funding. For each project, partners shall appoint a single lead partner to be the project's administrative leader, and shall sign a contract of partnership.

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