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Co-funded by the North-West European Interreg III B programme between 2004 and 2008 , the EMDI (Espace Manche Development Initiative) project has strongly contributed to the development of the Franco-British cooperation in the Channel area:

  • Drawing up a "Strategic vision for the Channel Area" ;

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  • Developing greater knowledge of the Channel area and issues at stake, in particular through the development of a common electronic platform, the "Regional Data Tool" (RDT), the improvement of an electronic atlas, "The Cross-Channel Atlas" and the publication of the book "Channel spaces - a Word within Europe" ;
  • Setting up the Federation of Regional and Local Channel Ports ;
  • Production of topic-based reports covering tourism, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), fishing and fishing-resource management, research and development, maritime safety, and transport intermodality;
  • Producing a Study on the management of maritime pollution in the English Channel .

Thus, the EMDI project fueled with content the work and positions of the Arc Manche.

In addition, by highlighting the specificities of the Channel area, the EMDI project has largely contributed to the widening of the eligibility area of the European cross-border programme and to the setting-up of a specific programme, the INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England programme.

Finally, the EMDI project brought some convincing arguments for the recognition of the Channel area as a coherent co-operation area in Europe and showcased the possibility for the Channel area to be positioned as a maritime basin for experimenting the Integrated Maritime Policy promoted by the European Commission.

Approved in June 2009 by the Interreg IV A France (Channel) - England programme, the CAMIS project seeks to confirm this position whilst taking into account the recent developments in European and national policies.

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