knowledge of the channel area

→ Developing knowledge of the Channel area to enhance understanding of shared issues, promote cross-border partnerships, further mobilise available skills and provide tools to assist public decision-making.

The Channel Area Resource Centre

The Channel Area Resource Centre, which is accessible via the CAMIS project website, is both a tool for the dissemination of knowledge and a collaboration platform. It is aimed at stakeholders involved in the various themes of the CAMIS project as well as the general public.

It consists of three databases:

  • A "Stakeholders" database that identifies key organisations in maritime and coastal areas, as well as in the fields of research and innovation. In particular, it aims to help French and British stakeholders find partners on the other side of the Channel in order to carry out potential future cooperation projects;
  • A "Projects" database which identifies projects that are now complete or still under way. These include projects supported by Interreg or other funding programmes which focus on at least one of the five major themes of the CAMIS project. The database aims to raise awareness of a range of projects in Channel area which highlight best practice and complementarity, as well as identifying new areas for cooperation ;
  • An "Atlas-Observatories" database lists various atlases and observatories that provide information, analysis, maps or data on the Channel area. This is either data specific to the Channel area, or more broad such as at French and British domestic or European level. These atlases and observatories deal with the sea, the coastline and more general maritime issues.

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Specific studies have also been conducted in the areas of vocational training and innovation support, including a comparative analysis of the French and British schemes, systems and policies in this field. Find out more

Mapping tools

To support the wider project activities, a mapping exercise was carried out, leading to the redesigning and updating of the "Cross-Channel Atlas" website as well as the creation of a series of maps entitled "Focusing on the Channel".

  • The Cross-Channel Atlas was initially developed within the EMDI project . it is a multidisciplinary knowledge tool developed by French and British specialists and experts. The maps, data and analyses provide information and gives insight into the Channel area. Topics covered include geographical information, population, transport, environment, economy, culture and training and research. Access the Cross-Channel Atlas
  • The 11 sections of the "Focusing on the Channel" maps cover the following themes: seabed morphology and fishing resources, organisation of space, shipping, fishing, pleasure-boating, marine renewable energy, land/sea interface, vulnerability, maritime accidents. Diagrams, maps, graphs and short texts providing all you need to know about a particular topic. Download the maps