maritime clusters

→ Encouraging the development of maritime clusters in the Channel area, both on cross-border basis but also within and between regions, by making companies aware of the benefits of cooperation and the exchange of best practice.

Extensive research work has been carried out on both sides of the Channel to identify opportunities for "clustering" in four areas of maritime activity:

  • Marine renewable energies
  • Maritime operations
  • Marine environment
  • Marina tourism

Download the executive summary of the "Support for innovation and Clustering in the Channel Arc Manche Marine Industry" Study (September 2012)

Download the French Study (only available in French) (July 2011)

Download the UK Study (September 2011)

Three areas of activity have subsequently been undertaken to make businesses aware of the benefits of cooperation and promote the sharing of best practice:

The Channel Maritime Portal

Designed as a one-stop-shop and a collaboration platform for businesses and maritime stakeholders in the Channel area, the Maritime Portal aims to:

  • provide information about maritime projects and procurement opportunities, business space, employment and training opportunities as well as the legislative and regulatory environment;
  • promote exchanges between businesses through a directory and a discussion forum.

"Marina 2020" Vision

The marine and coastal leisure tourism sector is an essential component of the Channel area’s maritime economy and its marinas could be best placed to encourage the development of local and cross-border clusters.

Specific work has, therefore, been undertaken to identify the current and future needs of the sector. In-depth interviews took place with key stakeholders which led to the development of a "best practice guide" which included recommendations. This guide aims to encourage the development of the marina sector in the Channel area by 2020. This activity has also laid the groundwork for a Channel wide marina network.

Downloadable documents :

  • Identifying Best Practice in Channel Arc Manche Marinas (2011) - Download
  • "Marina 2020 - A Vision for Future" presentation brochure - Download
  • Drivers for Marina 2020 in the Channel region (April 2012) - Download
  • "Marina 2020 - A Vision for the Future" event (19 March 2013 - Chichester)

Conference proceedings - Download

  • Marina 2020 Final report - Recommendations for Best Practice (October 2013) - Download

Envisaging maritime clusters in the Channel area

Various events have been organised, particularly in Devon and Upper Normandy, to encourage collaboration within the maritime sector. The events have been well-received by companies involved and have demonstrated great potential for the development of maritime clusters.

Downloadable documents :

  • "Pulling together" event - Future collaboration for the Marine Sector in Devon (28 February 2012 - Totnes, Devon) - Download the report
  • Socio-Economic impact of business activity in sensitive maritime environments in the Channel region - A Case Study of Chichester Harbour, West Sussex (December 2013) - Download