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→ Developing guidance for the implementation of an integrated maritime policy in the Channel area and testing maritime governance tools.

The Integrated Maritime Strategy for the Channel Region: A Plan for Action

An Integrated Maritime Strategy has been developed to meet the specific challenges of the Channel area which is characterised by a high density and diversity of maritime and coastal activities , and to fully exploit the many opportunities there (marine renewable energy, blue biotechnology, etc.).

This strategy aims to develop a joint Franco-British approach to the management and development of the maritime area , taking into account its various sectors, and the need to protect its environment and resources.

The strategy is is based on three Strategic Aims :

  • Strategic Aim 1: To improve cooperation and governance in order to support the management and development of Channel resources;
  • Strategic Aim 2: To implement a coherent, cross-regional approach to address Channel scale issues;
  • Strategic Aim 3: To promote sustainable coastal communities across the Channel region.

This strategy is underpinned by an action plan which aims to translate these Strategic Aims into practical activities. It consists of 23 actions which could be implemented during the 2014-20 EU funding programming period.

On a broader level, this document aims to contribute to:

  • the development of the Interreg V France (Channel) - England programme and potential maritime cooperation projects between French and British stakeholders;
  • the development of joint approaches to the planning and management of coastal and maritime areas in France and England;
  • maritime and coastal policies for local areas bordering the Channel.

Download the "Integrated Maritime Strategy for the Channel Region: a Plan for Action" (October 2013)

The Cross-Channel Forum

Various ‘maritime and coastal sector’ stakeholders contributed actively to the development of an Integrated Maritime Strategy particularly through four meetings of the "Cross-Channel Forum" which took place during the project.

This "Cross-Channel Forum", tested as part of the CAMIS project, enabled French and British ‘sea and coastal’ stakeholders to share views and exchange ideas about the the future of the Channel area. The forum included representatives of local and other government bodies, European institutions, stakeholders in the maritime economy, research and innovation organisations, higher education and the environmental sector.

The Cross-Channel forum is the only initiative that currently brings together all of these stakeholders to tackle cross-border issues or questions of common interest in this maritime area.

The Forum's various meetings have included:

  • Expert presentations on the key issues affecting the Channel area;
  • Workshops intended to facilitate the sharing of viewsand participant contributions to develop joint approach to the management and development of the Channel area.

Both the Integrated Maritime Strategy and the meetings of the Cross-Channel Forum significantly highlighted the benefits of Franco-British cooperation in all matters related to the development and management of the maritime and coastal area of the Channel.